All ProFlow water softeners are developed to efficiently remove calcium and magnesium hardness minerals from the water and provide a cost-effective solution for all hard water problems. Their advanced technology, rugged construction and proven reliability ensure many years of reliable and carefree operation.

We offer a wide range of configurations from Simplex to Duplex Alternating or Parallel. Our Simplex configuration can be expanded to Duplex Parallel configuration in case the need for treated water changes.

Advantages of installating a ProFlow water softener
  • Water heaters and boilers retain their maximum efficiency and last longer
  • The lifespan of fixtures and appliances is noticeably extended
  • Use of anti-scaling products can be eliminated completely
  • Process water is more consistent and efficient
  • Guests enjoy all the comfort of softened water, when bathing/showering
  • Sinks, faucets, bath tubs, showers,… remain spotless without time-consuming cleaning
  • Costly special scale removal chemicals and maintenance downtime, for descaling of boilers, steam handling equipment, washing machines, etc. can be eliminated
  • Consumption of detergents and other cleaning agents can be significantly reduced
  • Fabrics, linen and clothing washed in softened water last longer
  • Car washes will have improved rinsing results and save on detergents

Features & Benefits

  • Proprietary 1″ and 1,5″ control valve
  • Simplex expandable to Duplex Parallel
  • Duplex Alternating for continuous supply of soft water
  • Duplex Parallel for higher flow rates of soft water
  • Premium quality uniform bead ion exchange resin, food grade quality
  • Advanced high grade fiberglass pressure tank, designed and tested for high working pressure, fully corrosion resistant
  • Easy and convenient to install, with bagged media included
  • Brine tanks sold separately (download our brine tank assemblies here)
  • Advanced electronic controller with microprocessor
  • NOVRAM® and SuperCap for memory backup in case of power failure
  • Backlit display for perfect readability
  • EAZY software for unrivalled programming simplicity and flexibility
  • Metered regeneration, with days override


1″ configurations

  • Flow rates from 3,4 m³/hr up to 7,2 m³/hr
  • Resin volumes from 25 Ltr up to 2×150 Ltr
  • Optional service valve for Simplex configurations available
  • Optional bypass available