ProFlow Granular Activated Carbon water filters are developed to improve taste, colour and odour of water and to reduce a wide range of chemicals (like Chlorine), pesticides and herbicides. At the same time it removes impurities down to 40 μm. This results in cleaner, safer and better-tasting drinking water and protection of your plumbing, fixtures and water using appliances.

ProFlow Filter-Ag water filters efficiently remove suspended particles like dirt, silt, clay, rust, etc down to 20 μm for protection of your plumbing, fixtures and water using appliances.

ProFlow water filters are available with 2 filter media


  • High quality coconut based granular Activated Carbon that meets the demands of continuous fixed bed water treatment
  • Selected pore structure for maximum adsorption
  • Excellent backwashing characteristics


  • Its fractured edges and irregular shape provide a high surface area and complex flow path for optimal efficiency
  • Exceptionally high sediment reduction capacity: longer service runs, reduced backwash frequency
  • Lightweight: lower backwash flow rate, reduced backwash water consumption
  • Higher service flow rates/lower pressure drops: smaller equipment will do the job!

Features & Benefits

  • Proprietary 1″ and 1,5″ control valve
  • All water filters are offered as Simplex configuration
  • Simplex configuration expandable to Multiplex Parallel configurations
  • Premium quality filter media
  • Advanced high grade fiberglass pressure tank, designed and tested for high working pressure, fully corrosion resistant
  • Easy and convenient to install, with bagged media included
  • Advanced electronic controller with microprocessor
  • NOVRAM® and SuperCap for memory backup in case of power failure
  • Backlit display for perfect readability
  • EAZY software for unrivalled programming simplicity and flexibility
  • Time-clock initiated regeneration
  • Auxillary contact present


1″ configurations

  • Flow rates from 1,2 m³/hr up to 2,3 m³/hr
  • Filter media volumes from 1 Cuft up to 3 Cuft
  • Optional service valve available
  • Optional bypass available


1,5″ configurations

  • Flow rates from 2,3 m³/hr up to 6,7 m³/hr
  • Filter media volumes from 3 Cuft up to 10 Cuft
  • Separate 4” valve seat for easy assembly / removal of control valve
  • Optical sensor for accurate and reliable piston positioning
  • Optional service valve available



A multi-unit configuration consists of 2 or more standard Simplex systems which are installed in parallel, resulting in a dramatic increase in service flow rate. By adding a Service Valve in the outlet of each Simplex system, the untreated water bypass during regeneration can be shut-off; and while each Simplex system can be programmed individually at a different time of regeneration, simultaneous regeneration is avoided, guaranteeing uninterrupted supply of treated water!


  • More economical than larger Simplex system
  • Modular/expandable system
  • Easier to transport & install
  • Continuous supply of treated water
  • Redundancy in case of breakdown or maintenance