The Proflow Multimix Series utilizes a revolutionary multipurpose filter media that effectively and efficiently treats 5 common problems found in municipal and well water supplies:

  • Hardness
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Natural Organic Matter (NOM)
  • Ammonia

The filter media consist of 5 high quality natural and synthetic ionexchange and absorption materials:

  • Inert material, for optimal flow arrangement during backwash
  • Adsorbent, for Natural Organic Matter
  • Adsorbent, for Iron/Manganese
  • Cation resin, for removal of Calcium/Magnesium
  • Quartz sand, for optimal flow distribution

The filter media automatically forms a ‘multi-layer’ filter bed, with each layer selectively removing one (or more) of the different contaminants, present in the raw water.

Regeneration is simple and straight forward: all that’s needed is backwashing and rinsing with NaCl (salt). Just like a traditional water softener! Product selection, sizing and configuration is based on the water hardness only!

Features & Benefits

  • Proprietary 1″
  • All water filters are offered as Simplex configuration
  • Premium quality filter media
  • Advanced high grade fiberglass pressure tank, designed and tested for high working pressure, fully corrosion resistant
  • Easy and convenient to install, with media included (SYSTEMS FILLED exept 75 l)
  • Simplicity in selection, sizing, configuration, installation, maintenance.
  • Brine tanks sold separately
  • 1” Control valve for high flow rates/low pressure drop;
    Advanced microprocessor controlled, with NOVRAM® memory, power backup and backlit display;
  • EAZY software for unrivalled programming simplicity and flexibility;
  • Heavy-duty brine tank, with float valve for double security;
  • Premium quality fiberglass pressure tank, fully corrosion resistant;
  • Unique blend of premium quality filter materials to solve a multitude of problems;


1″ configurations

  • Flow rates from 3.3 m3/hr up to 3.5 m3/hr
  • Filter media volumes from 25 to 75 l
  • Optional service valve available
  • Optional bypass available



A multi-unit configuration consists of 2 or more standard Simplex systems which are installed in parallel, resulting in a dramatic increase in service flow rate. By adding a Service Valve in the outlet of each Simplex system, the untreated water bypass during regeneration can be shut-off; and while each Simplex system can be programmed individually at a different time of regeneration, simultaneous regeneration is avoided, guaranteeing uninterrupted supply of treated water!


  • More economical than larger Simplex system
  • Modular/expandable system
  • Easier to transport & install
  • Continuous supply of treated water
  • Redundancy in case of breakdown or maintenance