Water wells very often face high levels of iron and/or manganese in the water. In well water, the iron/manganese usually appears in the invisible dissolved state, so when the water is first drawn, it appears clear! But as soon as the water is exposed to air, the dissolved iron/manganese is ‘oxidized’ and forms insoluble particles.

Another problem in well water is hydrogen sulfide – a gas that occurs naturally in groundwater and is produced by the decomposition of organic material and by sulfur-reducing bacteria.


Birm®, the filter media used in all ProFlow iron filters, has a double function:

  • As a catalyst between dissolved oxygen and dissolved iron/manganese compounds present in the water; greatly enhances the oxidation reaction that converts dissolved iron/manganese into insoluble particles.
  • Its extremely high active surface area is very efficient in capturing insoluble particles and filtering them out from the water.

On top of the proven oxidation process, the revolutionary feature of the ProFlow iron filter is its ‘compressed aeration chamber’ integrated in the filter system itself.

  • During each regeneration, air is being sucked up into the pressure tank by the control valve, which forms an air chamber in the top section of the pressure tank.
  • In service, the untreated water that enters the pressure tank first comes into contact with the air in this ’compressed aeration chamber’, where it gets super-oxygenated; this aeration highly accelerates the oxidation process of dissolved iron/manganese, but it also takes care of hydrogen sulfide by oxidizing it into
    insoluble sulphur particles.

At pre-determined intervals the system will backwash and remove all contaminants from the filter media.

Features & Benefits – OXY

  • Proprietary 1″ and 1,5″ control valve
  • All iron filters are offered as Simplex configuration
  • Simplex configuration expandable to Multiplex Parallel configurations
  • Single tank system, no external aeratorsair injectors, compressors,…
  • No need for chemicals for regeneration
  • No need for systematic maintenance
  • Safe for septic tanks/beds
  • Easy and convenient to install, with bagged media included
  • Advanced electronic controller with microprocessor
  • NOVRAM® and SuperCap for memory backup in case of power failure
  • Backlit display for perfect readability
  • EAZY software for unrivalled programming simplicity and flexibility
  • Time-clock initiated regeneration
  • Auxillary contact present


1″ configurations – OXY

  • Flow rates from 1,0 m³/hr up to 2,0 m³/hr
  • Filter media volumes from 1 Cuft up to 3 Cuft
  • Optional service valve available
  • Optional bypass available



A multi-unit configuration consists of 2 or more standard Simplex systems which are installed in parallel, resulting in a dramatic increase in service flow rate. By adding a Service Valve in the outlet of each Simplex system, the untreated water bypass during regeneration can be shut-off; and while each Simplex system can be programmed individually at a different time of regeneration, simultaneous regeneration is avoided, guaranteeing uninterrupted supply of treated water!


  • More economical than larger Simplex system
  • Modular/expandable system
  • Easier to transport & install
  • Continuous supply of treated water
  • Redundancy in case of breakdown or maintenance